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Kyrgyzstan Issyk-Kul Karakol
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Frequently Asked Questions

 - Sometimes tour can be done even under rain. If a heavy rain compromises the security of the tour our guide will cancel it and give you the possibility to book a new tour (according to availability) or even organize a tour around the town Karakol. In case of rain, we'll contact by email (or maybe phone if you are in a hotel/hostel) 1 hour before the pick-up time to talk about it and give you instructions.

 - Accidents in activities such as hiking and ecotourism are caused by unsafe acts in general, if the participant does not follow the best practices and instructions from the guides. Following these practices and accompanied by experienced guides we mitigate risks. Provide the security to our clients is principal of us. The government licensed holder guides and other crew members are carefully chosen for your trip. If you doing a teahouse trek your accommodation will be arranged in a local guesthouse, where you have to be precaution yourself.

 - Since we are not medical professionals, we are unable to directly recommend any vaccinations. The best thing to do is to make an appointment with a travel doctors and make a choice according to their professional advice. Additional information is available at www.cdc.gov/travel or www.who.int/countries

 - Local diet largely consists of bread, potatoes, onions, carrots – and meat. Our hosts can modify the traditional cuisine to accommodate almost any dietary need. It is recommended that all vegetarians bring additional supplements such as energy bars or nut butters if you plan to travel outside of Ecotrek programming. Also, please be sure we are aware of any dietary restrictions/preferences you may have beforehand so we can be sure to meet your needs.

 - Change of hotel/meeting point and cancellation only in emergency and 72 hours before the beginning of the tour. Feel free to call us at +996 3922 51115, + 996 709 511155 with additional questions.

 - Please check with your insurer to make sure that your current policy covers overseas medical coverage. Many do not. We recommend a policy that requires you to pay up-front for the care, and then reimburses you upon submission of receipts/documentation. 

 - Using card is not possible in all trekking area and in the cities there are few places you can use the cards as well.

 - Yes, you can charge your devices and use Wi-Fi at EcoTrek office, but recommended you to bring your plugs, chargers and also do not leave unattended anything while charging in a lobby or somewhere in trekking guesthouse. And if you are in camping trek it’s quite hard to charge the phone so advising to bring portable charge.

 - Our setup at Jety-Oguz consists of 2 5.5m (18ft) diameter traditional Kyrgyz yurts: one guests’ yurt and one kitchen/dining/guides’ yurt. We recommend a max group size of 6, however the guest yurt can comfortably accommodate up to 8.

 - All the meals that you provided are hygienic, fresh and delicious. While you are in camping trek you get meals prepared by professional camping cook. Meals can vary of the tourists’ taste and our cooks really can put together anything.

 - The temperature depends on the trekking/ tour season that you choose. 

This table shows only approximate temperature in Kyrgyzstan.

Air and Water Temperatures, °C










Daily Air temperature







Night Air temperature







Average daily Air temperature







Daily Water temperature







Night Water temperature







Average daily Water temperature








 - Yes, our company rents out  basic equipments like Sleeping Bag, Tent, Walking stick, Kitchen Utensils, Backpacks, Gas Stoves, Gas Cylinders.

 - Personal equipment:

 Head gear: cap or wide hat, scarf sunglasses, warm sweater, long sleeves shirt, insoles,   extra socks, appropriate  boots , towel, hand kerchief, toilet set (soap, tooth brush, tooth   paste   etc.) . Personal first aid-kit, compass, wrist watch, pocket flashlight, box of matches (in waterproof pack), note-book, pen. Sunscreen, camera. Small backpack- to carry all these items and leave your hands free. 

 - Tips is expected by your team members and normally the standard is 10% of your total trip cost. Financial or material incentives are welcome.

 - Yes, our guides speak English but for the porters it is not so much necessary to speak English. But they have 3-4 years of experience of communicating with foreigners which is helpful as well.

 - Yes, customizing the itineraries is available if the length of the tour will be the same and the customer is ready to pay additional expenses.

 - Joining in a group is depending on your booking method, if you have booked for Private Trip then you will not join. Otherwise normally the same trip is departing in a same day then the group will be joined. And admission of the group required as well.

 - Yes, we arrange private tour.

 - Sleep early the night before since you are going to engage in physical activity. Eat well, drink plenty of liquids at breakfast. Never walk under influence of alcohol or other narcotic substance. Follow the recommendations of what to take and what to wear.

 - If tourists ask for a climbing tours we may organize that as well but most of our tours do not include climbing. Generally the treks of Kyrgyzstan required the good physical and health condition, and also able to walk 4- 7hrs in day at high altitude. Our tours vary in difficulty and usually do not occur on rough terrain. Our guides always give instructions on how to walk on rough terrain and how to warm up well before beginning the activity.

 - Yes, we may organize a transport for you. Our representative will meet you at the airport and transfer to the hotel in a private tourist vehicle. The transport fee is extra.

 - Yes, we are registered under the Ministry of Justice, Travel and Tourism Ministry.

 - Kyrgyz visa requirements differ depending on your nationality. In July 2012 Kyrgyzstan adopted a new law that permits citizens of 44 countries to stay up to 60 days visa-free! The law applies to citizens of Australia, New Zealand, most European member states (not including Bulgaria, Cyprus, or Romania), the United States, Canada, Mexico, some countries in South America, as well as some countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. That means if you are a citizen of any of the countries included, and plan to stay in Kyrgyzstan for less than 60 days, you DO NOT need to apply for a visa!

 - Kyrgyzstan has two official national languages: Kyrgyz and Russian. Kyrgyz is more widely spoken in the rural areas – especially in the northern and central parts of the country – whereas Russian is the language of choice in urban areas like Bishkek. In the south Uzbek and Tajik are also widely spoken, and in some places more widely spoken than Kyrgyz.

Here are some great resources if you are interested in picking up a few useful Kyrgyz phrases before your visit:
Lonely Planet’s Central Asia Phrasebook