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Kyrgyzstan Issyk-Kul Karakol
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EcoTrek Yurt Camp in Jeti-Oguz

Since Kyrgyzstan is a nomadic nation, the yurt is more than a comfortable dwelling, its an essential part of their heritage Today many Kyrgyz people live in apartments and houses still many Kyrgyz families use their yurts on national holidays and celebrations.


To get closer to the nomadic life of the Kyrgyz people, we offer you the Jeti-Oguz Yurt camp in Jeti—Oguz gorge. Spending a night in a yurt surrounded by beautiful nature and eating tradi-tional Kyrgyz food is the true Kyrgyz nomadic experience. Transportation: Private taxi: Karakol-Jeti-Oguz Sanatorium/Broken Heart 35km 600 SOM; Private taxi: Karakol-Jeti-Oguz (yurt camp) 40km 1200 SOM; Shared taxi: part 1. Karakol’s Ak-tilek Bazaar to village Jeti-Oguz 80 SOM; part 2. Change the taxi from village Jeti-Oguz to Sanatorium/Broken Heart 80 SOM 35km.

Note: There is a shower and electricity 6pm-11pm

Photo Credit Eric Anderson http://www.ericandtaylor.com/