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Kyrgyzstan Issyk-Kul Karakol
116 Abdrahmanova/48 Koenkozova


Do you like experiencing many things in a very short period of time? Then our combined tours are for you. Biking in mountain area, horse riding in Alpine meadows, hiking in different altitudes and quadrocycling in various landscape. There are many places in our country you can visit and many activities you can take part in. Get familiar with culture and traditions of Motherland. We present you an unforgettable pass time.

Highest Point: 3774m
Lowest Point: 2500m
Total Elevation Gain: 6840m
Total Elevation Loss: 7143m
Level of Difficulty: Difficult
Total Hours Hiking: ~112Avg
Total Amount of trekking days: 14
Approximate Trekking Distance: ~189km
Total Hours of driving: ~24hours
Total kilometers of driving: ~1094km