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Kyrgyzstan Issyk-Kul Karakol
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Tailor-made tours

Whether you like active holidays or relaxing in a calm, peaceful environment then Kyrgyzstan is the right place for you. Here you can get away from your busy schedule and the noise of the city, enjoy our mountains and get acquainted with local culture and people. We can offer you a tour proposal tailor-made to your time requirements and traveling preferences - whether you have a short amount of time or like to travel alone, we've got you covered!

Please contact us and we will be happy to make your trip unforgettable and help you realize your dreams.

We offer many different types of tours all over Kyrgyzstan:




Kyrgyzstan is located in the heart of Central Asia, in a space the size of South Dakota, Kyrgyzstan sits landlocked in a twisted maze of borders left from the Soviet past. With half the country lying above 2,500 meters, 94 percent of Kyrgyzstan is mountainous. The country has two major ranges, the Tien Shan and the Pamir Alai, with a number of smaller groups that segment the country like a pie-chart. Although these ranges create tremendous geographic, political, and cultural challenges for the local population, they provide a haven for alpinists. Because of its several distinct ranges, Kyrgyzstan offers every type of climbing imaginable. From the high-altitude endeavors of the Tien Shan, to the Chamonix-like alpine crags of Ak Sai, to the Yosemite- style monoliths of the Karavshin, Kyrgyzstan truly has it all. In addition, Kyrgyzstan is a trekkers’ paradise. The country also boasts a romantic yurt culture and people who greet travelers with genuine warmth and curiosity.




Kyrgyzstan is a cyclist’s paradise: roads that take you from high mountains to lakeside beaches, nomads who will welcome you into their yurt for a taste of the local cuisine and a growing tourism industry ready to organize trekking and accommodation in local homes across the country. With more and more flights going to the capital Bishkek from Europe and visas easy to get (on arrival if you come by plane), this gem of Central Asia has never been so accessible. The best time to visit is from late spring to early autumn, with peak tourist season in July and August. Temperatures are comfortable from mid-May onwards but some high passes may not be clear from snow until June. By summer the lower areas of Kyrgyzstan including Bishkek and Osh are swelteringly hot


Cultural tours


Visit Kyrgyzstan in summer or in autumn – in high tourist season to enjoy fully its bright nature and numerous cultural events annually held for tourists.

You will get familiarized with the culture, traditions and every-day life of the nomads, life and entertainment of the large cities and also visit picturesque natural places, Kyrgyzstan is famous for. Horse riding, conquest of mountain peaks, picnics and hunting as well as beach-related rest by the Issyk-Kul lakeside – all these are included in the Kyrgyz cultural tour programs prepared by us.


Horse riding


This adventurous trail ride follows part of the ancient silk route. There is a real contrast of landscapes with deep fertile valleys and arid canyons separated by high mountain passes. Reaching the high grasslands, home to nomadic families in summer, the route takes you over open pastures with a stunning backdrop of snow capped mountains.

Welcoming travelers is central to Kyrgyz culture and the opportunity to spend some time with the herders who live their life on horseback is a once in a lifetime experience. Part of the enjoyment of this ride is spending time with the local people you meet along the way which means that the timing can be unpredictable. In addition severe mountain weather can disrupt the itinerary.

Horse riding tours are one of the most famous activities in Kyrgyzstan. Our country is the best place for real horse riding. For many years nomads were wondering in our mountains with their collapsible dwellings yurts and their herds of cattle. Now is your time to be as a nomad in our untouched mountains. You can ride a horse in our stunning gorges that are so far from the civilization with is noise and polluted air. You will be alone with nature and your thoughts!!!




Three ways of spending ski holidays in Kyrgyzstan

If you think about ski regions, Kyrgyzstan probably doesn’t spring to your mind in the first blink. People often struggle to locate the country on a map. How can you therefore think of skiing there? Well there are several reasons speaking for it. It’s not as if skiing is a new business in Kyrgyzstan. During the Soviet Union the Olympic team used to train in Karakol, a Kyrgyz ski resort, which was specially built for this reason and nowadays it’s a popular place for winter holidays. It is noteworthy that different possibilities Kyrgyzstan offers. The only things which are missing are mega resorts like France, USA or Austria has it. But never mind if wonderful untouched nature is expecting you and slopes of each difficulty level. Kyrgyzstan ski resorts are great places for recover from stress outside the broad mass.

If you rejoice by skiing down perfect prepared slopes, hike up with your skis or split board unknown mountains and at the same time get to know a new part of the world, this may well be the chance to give Kyrgyzstan’s ski resorts a try.




There are many places in Kyrgyzstan that are really worth to be visited. Kyrgyzstan is especially famous among travelers who like trekking tours. That is why we want to present you a trekking program to get unforgettable impressions about Kyrgyzstan. With us you will have a nice trekking tour in our celestial mountains. You will discover the magnificent nature of our country and you will never forget it. If you are fond of mountains there is a good chance for you to have trekking in Kyrgyzstan and to see mountain rivers and lakes. You will absolutely not find such a quiet and beautiful place anywhere else! This tour is for people who want to discover the land of nomads. Kyrgyzstan is a perfect place for trekking over incredible mountains and through unforgettable gorges. There is the second largest mountain lake in the world Issyk-Kul on the way. You will experience the nomadic style of life far away from the hectic of busy and stuffy cities.




Do you like experiencing many things in a very short period of time? Then our combined tours are for you. Biking in mountain area, horse riding in Alpine meadows, hiking in different altitudes and quadrocycling in various landscape. There are many places in our country you can visit and many activities you can take part in. Get familiar with culture and traditions of Motherland. We present you an unforgettable pass time.