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Azat Tabaldiev

Name: Azat Tabaldiev

How long have you worked in tourism?

10 years

How long have you worked at EcoTrek?

3 month years


Teacher of English

Language abilities:

Kyrgyz & Russian: Native languages

English: good

Where are you from?

Jenish, Jety-Oguz, Kyrgyzstan

What are your responsibilities at EcoTrek?

A lot of things. Some of them are small but crucial and some of them are huge but still have some importance.

What do you like most about your job?

Getting information about other countries and applying efforts to improve the tourism in my country.

Feeling that I am one of many people who contribute to development of tourism in my country in proper way.

What do you do in your spare time?

Go in for sport, read, watch TV, play guitar.

What would be your first thought if you were lost in the mountains?

If it is getting dark: To find a shelter and to light a fire. If I still have time: To go back the route to figure out the right way.

Your advice to tourist:

Visiting Kyrgyzstan will be one of your best experiences in your life.

List any 3 golden rules of behavior in the mountains? (Without hesitation)

- Mind the cleanliness

- Be tolerant and endurable

- Your safety is the first priority